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Q How secure are our photos?

A We personally collect, scan and deliver your photos ourselves at scheduled times and use no third parties so while your photos are in our possession they are treated with the upmost care and are very safe and secure.

Q What format will I get my files back in?

A Your files come back to you in standard JPG (jpeg) and these can be used on both PC and MAC.

Q Do I need to choose basic (300 dpi) or high quality (600 dpi)?

A Please see our “Prices” page for explanation on the best uses for each.

Q Do you have a minimum order?

A Our minimum order is $65, which is equivalent to 80 photos.

Q Do you scan negatives and slides?

A This is not a service we provide.

Q I have everything prepared, how do I place an order?

A Click onto the Order Now/Shopping Cart button on the Homepage and follow the simple step by step ordering process completing all relevant boxes.

Q What condition do the photos have to be in?

A We will endeavour to do our best to scan all photos presented to us but it is also helpful for photos not to be bent or folded as they may not scan perfectly. We will advise you of any photos unsuitable to scan.

Q What will you not scan?

A Anything with a Copyright, inappropriate images, pornographic or abusive nature images.

Q What other forms of payment are there if I do not wish to pay on line?

A You can pay us with cash or cheque when we collect your photos. When you are ready to order you need to notify us via email or call one of the team so we can calculate and inform you of your cost and issue you with a tax invoice with receipt of payment.

Q We have 1000’s of photos to scan which will be too many for a USB stick, can you help us?

A Yes this is a common request. We personally download from our detachable HDD onto your PC of your choice.

Q How long does the process take?

A  Approximately a week including pick up, scanning and delivery.

Q Do you restore photos?

A This is a very popular question we are often asked. When we first started scanning photos we adjusted all the scanned photos to make them look their best but after customer feedback was that they preferred their photos left as original as possible so therefore looking authentic. All our customers have different ideas of how their photos look. So we scan your photos to the best quality as possible therefore customers can adjust their photos to suit. We scan up to 600dpi.